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Sugar Sticks - Brown Sugar Sticks - Sugar Stick - Sticks for Coffee

Sugart Sticks are one of the most innovative promotional products in the market today. Dinning out is a sensory experience and attention to small details creates customer connections. Sugart sugar sticks provide you with a marketing medium in a single-serve packet. Sugar sticks are tubular packets which deliver unique opportunities to enhance your brand image through your own message and artwork or one of our designs.

Distributors and generic label sugar and sweetener packets do nothing but provide a service commodity.

Sugart sugar sticks bring color and message to your customers' experience in a different package.

The same service is delivered, but with a subtle message and brand identifier, relayed visually.

Sugar sticks provided brand exposure in all service formats as most patrons will handle or take sugars and sweeteners when provided. Sugar sticks become dynamic marketing media from the first moment the customers see them. Whether displayed in our custom table caddies or provided by your server, Sugart sugar sticks provide a connection to your customers' sweet tooth.






Our Products


New, revolutionary iTea wands launch a new era in tea culture!

Standard Sugar Sticks

Each sugar stick contains the industry-standard 1-teaspoon.

Private Label Sugar Sticks

Now you, too, can make sugar sticks work for you!